Incorporated in the UK

Springwood Court, Springwood Close, Tytherington Business Park, Macclesfield SK10 2XF

Bodycote America Finance Limited6

Bodycote America Treasury Limited6

Bodycote Developments Limited2, 4

Bodycote Finance Limited6

Bodycote Finance UK Limited6

Bodycote Heat Treatments Limited1

Bodycote H.I.P. Limited1

Bodycote HIP Germany Limited3

Bodycote International Limited3

Bodycote Investments6

Bodycote K-Tech Limited2

Bodycote Nominees No. 1 Limited2

Bodycote Nominees No. 2 Limited2

Bodycote Pension Trustees Limited5

Bodycote Processing (Skelmersdale) Limited2, 4

Bodycote (Somerset) Limited2

Bodycote Surface Technology Limited1

Bodycote Thermal Processing Limited2

Bodycote Thermal Processing Mexico Limited1

Bodycote Treasury Services Limited6

Expert Heat Treatments Limited2, 4

Taylor & Hartley Fabrics Limited2

Incorporated in Belgium

Font Saint Landry 11, 1120 Brussels, Belgium

Bodycote Belgium SA1

Industrie Park Noord 7, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Bodycote Hot Isostatic Pressing NV1

Incorporated in Canada

630 Newpark Boulevard, Newmarket ON L3X 2S2, Canada

Bodycote Canada Property Inc.4

Bodycote Thermal Processing Canada, Inc.1

50 Queen Street North, Suite 1020, Kitchener ON N2H 6M2, Canada

Bodycote Heat Treatment Canada, Inc.1

Incorporated in China

No. 68 Ningbo East Road, Taicang Economic Development Area, Taicang City, Jiangsu, China

Bodycote Heat Treatments Technology (Taicang) Co., Limited1

2012 Kehang Road, High Tech District, Jinan City, Shandong, China

Bodycote (Jinan) Heat Treatments Technology Co., Ltd.1

No.12 Building, No. 78, Gu Cheng Zhong Road, Yu Shan Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

Bodycote (Kunshan) Heat Treatments Technology Co., Ltd.1

No.B2-A, Wuxi National Hi-New Tech Industrial Development Z, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, 214028, China

Bodycote Wuxi Technology Co., Ltd.1

Incorporated in Czech Republic

Liberec 30, Tanvaldska 345, PSC, 46311, Czech Republic

Bodycote HT sro1

Rohanske nabrezi 671/15, Karlin, 186 00, Praha 8, Czech Republic

Bodycote SSC s.r.o6

Incorporated in France

Ilena Park – Bât. B2, Parc Technologique de Lyon, 117, allée des Parcs, 69800 Saint Priest, France

Bodycote France Holdings SA3

Bodycote Lyon SNC6

Bodycote SAS1

Bodycote Sud-Ouest SAS1


Nitruvid SAS1

Techmeta Engineering SAS1

Lieu-dit Champ Corbert, 74370, Metz Tessy, France

Techmeta Participations SAS2

Techniques Metallurgiques Avancées SAS1

Incorporated in Germany

Schiessstrasse 68, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

Bodycote Deutschland GmbH6

Bodycote European Holdings GmbH3

Bodycote FHK Flachstahl-Härterei Köllner GmbH1

Bodycote Germany – East GmbH6

Bodycote Hirzenhain GmbH1

Bodycote Specialist Technologies GmbH1

Bodycote Specialist Technologies Deutschland GmbH1

Bodycote VHK Vakuum-Härterei Köllner GmbH1

Bodycote Wärmebehandlung GmbH1

Incorporated in Ireland

12 Merrion Square North, Dublin 2, Ireland

Bodycote Ireland Finance DAC6

Bodycote Ireland Treasury Limited6

Incorporated in Mexico

Oficinas en el Parque Torre Baker & McKenzie, Piso 10, Blvd. Antonio L. Rodríguez 1884 Pte, Monterrey, NL, 64650, Mexico

Bodycote de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.1

Bodycote de SLP, S. de R.L. de C.V.1

Bodycote Testing de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.2

Bodycote Thermal Processing de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.1

Bodycote Thermal Processing de Mexico Servicios, S. de R.L. de C.V.6

Incorporated in Sweden

Box 209, 735 23 Surahammar, Sweden

Bodycote Hot Isostatic Pressing AB1

Box 124, 424 23, Angered, Sweden

Bodycote Sweden AB3

Bodycote Thermotreat AB2

Bodycote Värmebehandling AB1

Bodycote Ytbehandling AB1

Incorporated in USA

12700 Park Central Drive, Suite 700, Dallas TX 75251-1518, USA

Bodycote Americas, Inc.3

Bodycote America Finance, LLC3

Bodycote IMT, Inc.1

Bodycote K-Tech, Inc.1

Bodycote Syracuse Heat Treating Corporation1

Bodycote Thermal Processing, Inc.1

Bodycote USA, Inc.3

Incorporated in other overseas countries

Boehlerdurplatz 1, 8605 Kapfenberg, Austria

Bodycote Austria GmbH1

Groethofstraat 27, 5916PA Venlo, Netherlands

Bodycote Hardingscentrum BV1

Orczy ut 46, Budapest, H-1089, Hungary

Bodycote Hungary Hökezelö KFT1

Kemalpasa OSB, Izmir Kemalpasa Asfalti No:17/1, 35730 Kemalpasa-IZMIR, Turkey

Bodycote Istas Isil Islem Sanayi ve Ticaret AS (79.3% owned)1

50 La Colomberie, St Helier, JE2 4QB, Jersey

Bodycote Jersey Holdings Limited3

Gesällvägen 7, 01730 Vantaa, Finland

Bodycote Lämpökäsittely Oy1

7, Rue Robert Stumper, L-2557 Luxembourg

Bodycote Luxembourg Finance SARL6

Wilgowa 65D, Czestochowa, 42-271, Poland

Bodycote Polska sp z.o.o.1

Im alten Riet 123, 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein

Bodycote Rheintal Wärmebehandlung AG1

Via Moie 28, 25050, Rodengo Saiano, Italy

Bodycote Trattamenti Termici SpA1

Brasov, str. Zizinului nr. 119, cod 500407, Romania

Bodycote Tratamente Termice SRL1

Industribuen 16-18, 5592, Ejby, Denmark

Bodycote Varmebehandling A/S1


Incorporated in USA

13753 Otterson Court, Livonia, MI 48150, USA

Thixomat Technologies, LLC (13.9% Investment)

Classifications Key

1 Thermal processing company

2 Dormant

3 Holding Company

4 Property Holding Company

5 Trustee

6 Provision of services to Group companies

Except where stated, these companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries and have only one class of issued shares.

It is agreed that the three German subsidiaries Bodycote Wärmebehandlung GmbH, Bodycote Specialist Technologies Deutschland GmbH and Bodycote Specialist Technologies GmbH make use of the exemption option under Sec. 264 para. 3 German Commercial Code for the fiscal year 2017, and will not publish their annual financial statements according to Sec. 325 et seq. German Commercial Code.

It is also agreed that the Dutch subsidiary Bodycote Hardingscentrum BV makes use of the exemption under Article 403, paragraph 1 of Book 2 Dutch Civil Code and will not publish its annual financial statements.

The financial data of the above German and Dutch companies for 2017 are included in the consolidated annual accounts of Bodycote PLC.