The Company participates in a final salary defined benefit scheme, the details of which are disclosed in note 28 to the consolidated financial statements. This is a defined benefit plan which shares the risks between entities under common control. There is no contractual agreement or policy for charging the net benefit cost between entities who participate in this scheme. The Company is considered to be the entity that is legally the sponsoring employer of this scheme. The net defined benefit cost and the retirement benefit obligation are recognised as per the requirements of IAS 19 (revised) Employee Benefits. Full disclosures concerning the scheme as required by IAS 19 (revised) are set out in note 28 to the consolidated financial statements.

The contributions made by the Company over the financial year to the defined contribution scheme amounted to £0.3m (2016: £0.3m). As at 31 December 2017, contributions of £nil (2016: £0.1m) due in respect of the current reporting period had not been paid over to the scheme.